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Molecular Biology

The Molecular Biology department at GDL is responsible for the performance of molecular diagnostic tests for a variety of infectious diseases, genetic disorders, and risk factors. We use Real-time PCR technology for Molecular detection of a variety of infectious diseases like Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis D and Covid-19 detection.

Rotor-Gene Q MDx Real Time PCR Detection System

The Rotor-Gene Q MDx is an innovative instrument that enables high-precision real-time PCR, and that is highly suited for in vitro diagnostic applications in combination with QIAGEN CE-IVD marked kits. The Rotor-Gene Q MDx uses a sophisticated heating and cooling design to achieve optimal reaction conditions. The unique rotary format ensures optimal thermal and optical uniformity between samples which is critical for precise and reliable analysis. Samples are heated and cooled in a low-mass–air oven. Heating is achieved by a nickel-chrome element in the lid. The chamber is cooled by venting the air out through the top of the chamber while ambient air is blown up through the base.

With a choice of up to 6 excitation sources and 6 detection filters combined with a short, fixed optical path, the Rotor-Gene Q MDx can be used for multiplex reactions, ensuring minimum fluorescence variability between samples and eliminating the need for calibration or compensation.
QIAcube HT Nucleic Acid Extraction system.

The QIAcube HT delivers high performance and reliability, enabling purification of high-quality nucleic acids from 8–96 samples per run, in increments of 8 samples.

The QIAcube HT provides:
1. High performance through optimized protocols, even with difficult samples
2. Reliability with minimized risk of cross-contamination
3. Small footprint for space efficiency
4. More time for other important tasks
5. Convenient pre- and post-run documentation

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